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I am honored to be able to share my DVD's Fluidity Connection levels I & II packages with you. I designed these packages to set you up for success so you can visualize and practice the postures at your own pace through the Instructional Chapter and the booklet provided.  I have also condensed the Vinyasa Flow practice that I normally teach from 60 – 75 minutes  to 35 minutes, which should help you fit this practice  into your busy schedule at least 3 times/week. Vinyasa Flow is movement with breath so there is cardio involved as well, you will find this practice to challenge  your mental, physical & emotional fitness and when you walk away from the mat, you will feel the benefits!

I am honored to facilitate your quest in obtaining more fluid movement in your body through Fluidity Connection, if you are dedicated and consistent in your practice it will  translate to so many benefits off the mat, including your ability to get lighter communication with your horse and improve your ability to feel of and ride with your horse.

This is a journey, so enjoy the process as your body and mind unlock…  There are no timetables it is up to you and your body…  Take the time it takes…


Theresa A Zenner
ZennerYoga is featured in Natural Horse Magazine! Read the article by clicking here.
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Achieve fluidity in your body through Fluidity Connection ... and notice what unfolds in your riding!